Till minne

Björn grundade SolutionCLUES i Karlstad tillsammans med sin livskamrat och kollega Eva Persson. De har tillsammans haft ett mycket stort inflytande på den lösningsfokuserade utvecklingen såväl i Sverige som internationellt. Björn har varit en drivande kraft i att sprida lösningsfokus inom bland annat organisation och ledarskap.

Många av oss kommer att minnas Björn för hans iver, glöd och passionerade engagemang för lösningsfokus och för livet i stort. En av de sista gångerna jag träffade Björn ville han att vi som samlats runt ett bord skulle berätta vad vi gör, smått som stort, för att förbättra världen. Vi var ett tiotal personer från olika delar av världen som delgav sina historier. Berättelserna både berörde och gjorde skillnad. Det var som att Björn inte ville slösa sin tid på onödiga ting.

- Agneta Castenberg

"Bjorn has been a towering force in the SOLWorld community and in the SF world. Even before we met (in a Dublin bakers shop during EBTA 2001) he has been at the heart of things - speaking at SOLWorld conferences, organising both the 2004 and 2014 conferences, running CLUES center in Karlstad, forming the Karlstad group, leading the Malmö SF Summit of 2010, working with local government and other organisations, running imaginative workshops, contributing to books, co-founding SFCT and leading the Swedish chapeter... I am proud to call him a colleague and friend."

- Mark McKergow

“The impetus for beginning this journal was at a meeting in Malmö, Sweden 2010. That meeting was organised and hosted by Björn Johansson and Eva Persson, from the CLUES Center in Karlstad, Sweden- Björn was an energetic Solution-Focused practitioner – not a therapist but involved in Solution-Focused coaching, Solution-Focused team buildning and other Solution-Focused work in the organisational context and in supervising and training social workers and public sector professionals. He was passionate about the approach and keen that Solution-Focused work should expand in both organisational and therapy contexts.

Sadly, Björn died in June 2014, 48-years-old, following a struggle with cancer. While not a therapist, Björn would have been excited that the idea of this journal has finally come to fruition. I dedicate this first isue of the Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to Björn. The journal owes its existence to his vision for expanding the broad Solution-Focused community."

- Michael Durrant

Minnesord - Best summer ever:


Journal InterActionCelebrating the contribution of Björn Johansson

Björn Johansson passed away on June 29, 2014 after a time of intense sickness and surrounded by the good wishes, prayers, vibes, letters and thoughts of many of the solution focused community. His partner Eva and Björn himself inspired many members of the SF community to have "the best summer ever" in celebration of life - also Björn's life. Björn Johansson was a generous, caring person - in all senses of the word "a good man". Many remember him asking: "are we doing enough to leave this world a better place?" and that seemed to have been a recurring theme in his life and work. We therefore want to dedicate this edition to the memory of our friend. His work, his thoughts, his straightforward kindness will stay with us, even if he is no longer here in person.

Björn Johansson participated in the great majority of SOLworld conferences and other events generously sharing his work and ideas. Many of us remember his funny songs at the cabaret, making us all sing in Swedish accompanied by his own guitar playing. He was also a founding member of SFCT and gave a lot of input into the Clues document, the review process and other foundational processes. The research conference idea emerged through discussions with him. The Clues centre in Karlstad, Sweden, emerged over the years as a leading light in the training and supervision of social workers, coaches and managers in Sweden. Eva has announced her intention to carry on their work there, continuing the use and exploration of the SF model.

- Kirsten Dierolf, Carey Glass, Anton Stellamans and Mark McKergow

When someone dies, you don't get over your grief by forgetting...- Liselott Baeijaert -